Vegemite, cricket and beer: Facebook releases stickers for Australia Day

If you're struggling to tear yourself away from your smartphone in order to participate in Australia Day festivities, rest assured Facebook has your back. This Australia Day, Facebook has released an array of Australia-themed stickers you can send to your mates in order to convey just the right amount of enthusiasm — without stopping your scroll. The stickers are available globally from Jan. 24. See also: Twitter's Australia Day emoji revealed: A koala that has partied too hard The stickers feature cute little parakeets doing everything from squawking "Howzat!" to punting an AFL football, but can also be used to send a casual "G'day" or "How's it going, mate?" to your buddies. These stickers are all you need for your Australia Day Facebooking.Image: Facebook"We’re delighted to release a whole series of new Australian stickers to help celebrate your mates, vegemite and classic catches on Facebook this Australia Day," a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable Australia in an emailed statement. "As we connect with friends and family over a BBQ and a beer, Australians can use the new parakeet stickers to share experiences and celebrate some of the unique aspects of our Aussie nature." If you're a total Facebook newcomer, you can access these stickers by tapping the smiley-face icon at the bottom of any available comment field, then choose the sticker you'd like to send. You beauty. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.